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About the game :

This is a game about a girl name "Agatha" who don't believe in supernaturals,  but everything changes in just one night. Follow along her journey in this visual novel based game.

I created this game for my personal portfolio. This is my first time ever involved in creating a game. I hope you guys enjoy it, and please if you have any comments or suggestion let me know. 

Thank you, 

Shella Marcelina.

Control :

Click / Spacebar

Install instructions

Extract and play  the *.exe


The House.zip 32 MB


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  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  

Hello, I played the demo and thought the plot was pretty interesting.

There were definitely some grammar errors here and there, so I suggest having someone proofread that since english isn't your native language. 

I liked how there were some choices to choose from, and I hope they have an impact for the long run inthe full game. The ambient sounds were also a nice touch as they contributed to the atmosphere, but I hope there will at least be some soundtracks thrown every now and then. A lack of music can eventually become boring over time so that's pretty much my biggest suggestion alongside grammar.

Overall, I had fun reading this.  Stories with supernatural entities and murder are always quite intriguing to me. Lastly, good luck with game development~!

Is English not your first language?

No :) I'm Indonesian.

Oh Indonesia has very interesting Myth's, Legends and Folklore, I would like to learn more, I really enjoyed learning some of it in the Game Dreadout


I enjoyed this the sound and visuals are  well done look forward to the full release

Thank you so much for your review ! You makes me more confident to continue unfinished the game. Thanks for playing :)